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  • Teaching and evaluation are the two sides of a coin
  • The Examination committee is an apex body of the Institute which is headed by the Chief Superintendent of Examinations (Principal) with supporting staff.
  • The Prime responsibility of Examination Cell is to conduct Mid and Grand test examinations in fair and systematic way under the directions of the Chief Superintendent of Examinations.


  • Examination Cell serves all Examinations and acts according to the notifications received from Andhra University.
  • Examination cell prepares Circulars for students regarding Mid-Examinations and Grand Examinations.
  • Examination Cell takes all precautions while preparing Examination Time table, Invigilation duty chart, seating plans for the students in the Examination halls, smooth conduct of Examinations etc.
  • The Examination Committee shall hold a pre-exam meeting to brief the members of faculty with  regard   to   the   examination   procedures   and   responsibilities. A report of same  shall  be  submitted  to  the Principal.
  • Examination cell takes necessary steps for distribution of Answer sheets to the concerned teachers after completion of the examination and receiving the answer sheets, award list, and preparing in the desired format.
  • The Examination cell must keep all records pertaining to examinations like attendance, marks, permission of leave etc.
  • The Examination Committee shall make the Seating Arrangement and display them on the concerned Notice Board/Websites.
  • The Exam Committee shall prepare and display an overall Supervision Duty List as well as Daily Supervision  Duty  List  on  the  Staff  Notice
  • The Exam Committee shall ensure that adequate stationery like answer sheets, question papers, threads, room gallery and student attendance sheet etc., are made available.
  • The Chief Examiner shall ensure that the evaluation process is completed with in a week from the date of the last examination date.


  • Every faculty member is expected to assist the Exam Committee for the smooth conduct of examinations, like providing assistance in invigilation, speed up evaluation work, tabulating results, etc.


S.No Name Department Designation
1 Sri K. Ramesh Prinicpal Chairman
2 Sri S.Sandeep Lecturer in Chemistry Convenor
3 Sri B. Someswararao Lecturer in Physics Member
4 Sri U.Nageswararao Lecturer in Commerce Member