Welcome To Dadi Veerunaidu College

“Attend today, and achieve tomorrow.”

Another embolden program conducted by the college is stars of DVN. This leaflet makes every Student more fascinated and lighting route to the college.

    The first quality of a good student is discipline. This means a student who aspires to be excellent must adhere to his/her study time table strictly and obey the instructions of coaches, teachers, and parents every day.
    Students who schedule their time and day always yield better results.
  3. Academic competency:
    The purpose of the student in a place of learning is an enhancement in the academic arena. Hence the good student is one who is competent in academic obligations
  4. Well behaved:
    All the people will always love to communicate with well-behaved people. Well behaved people will always greatly respected by everyone in the world. Academics is just a number but well and cultured behavior makes the student a complete man.These are the qualities that our college is always importing to students and fortunately, these are qualities to become STAR OF DVN.